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BiggettA little love, a little help for BIGGET! 


In one of the evenings I receive an unusual call. It's one of the friends who rarely insists on meeting me. But this time round he is.

'Kuna jamaa wa church yetu ameshikwa na cancer na vile unapatananga na kesi mob za cancer huwezi kosa vile unaweza encourage yeye. Hata sio lazima umchangishie pesa, ni kumpatia tu hopes za maisha coz sisi tunashindwa tuanzie wapi'.

We set up a date and two days later we meet at MUGUMO PARK HOTEL- Kikuyu. That was on Monday at 10.30a.m

RONALD OMWONJA BIGGET walks to our meeting place and suddenly my many words of encouragement disappear. He does all the talking as I struggle to find what to say. I'm hurting inside but I have to keep strong for him.

His story


He is a BSc graduate from University of Nairobi, Upper Kabete Campus. His home county is Busia.

Ronald Bigget is married and a Father of 3 biological daughters and one adopted girl who's currently in Form 1. His eldest biological daughter, Mercy is in Class 4, followed by Peace in Class 1 and the last born Favour who's slightly above 2 years.

His narration is interrupted by intermittent coughs and at times a gasp for breath before continuing with now uninterrupted monologue conversation.

As the young man passionately talks of his family, it's evident he's in pain. Either his body organs are paining or the fact that he seems to be losing options on its treatment.

And because I could not find words, I tell myself I have to do something if not for BIGGET then for his young family.

The disease


He could have persistent coughs, visit hospital, get drugs and the stubborn coughs would temporarily disappear. He also could experience hyperacidity and gastro esophageal reflux. To him it wasn't a cause for alarm until he started experiencing vomiting.

A change from one hospital to another and all he could get was more and more medicine. His house literally turned to a mini - pharmacy.

But the pain was so severe that on one night after vomiting in the bathroom he had to crawl on 4's to the sitting room.

His family now was in distress. The children could get emotional after seeing the kind of suffering their father was going through.

Weight loss became evident and his wife feared the worst. He had started having swellings around the armpits, neck etc. She insisted on more hospital tests and after months of waiting, the results indicated he had LYMPHORMA CANCER. That was in November 2016.

He was immediately booked for chemotherapy and treatment began. That was to happen for a couple of months before the doctor advised for radiotherapy.

But before then the condition relapsed and in a more aggressive way. The oncologist advised against continued local treatment.



The only option was to have stem cell transplant and high dose chemotherapy. But unfortunately, none of the hospital in Kenya has the capacity to offer stem cell transplant. India is the only cheaper option.

Faced with this harsh reality the couple walked back home trying to adjust to the shocking news.

No more treatment but the condition was getting worse.

 Biggetts family

Knocking doors


Their doctor helped them seek medical advice from a number of hospitals in India. Of all, they settled on FORTIS HOSPITAL which had cheaper rates.

The initial treatment plan costs about 3.5M

But they have nothing after spending all their money on previous hospital visits, tests and treatments.

The hospital report indicates he has 60% chances of recovery. That's quite refreshing. But time is of essence especially on relapse cases. Every minute counts.

The couple has been to NHIF for assistance. That have been assured of 500K. Friends and family have raised 300K. But that is still way below.

Bigget is asking for help at least to get him to India. He needs quickest intervention to land him on doctor's hands.

He has also sought clearance from the ministry of health. His prayers have been granted.

Only availability of cash stands his way.

Surprise visit


Perhaps to understand his situation better, my friends and I visited his family yesterday.

No one knew of our visit until we got home. Only the children were home. They happily invited the visitors as we waited for Mrs. Bigget to arrive. She is a Lab technician at Upper Kabete Campus. Bigget was to join us much latter. 

I could tell those children had a lot they would want to ask given an opportunity. Top of it, being their dad's health. I am sure they wished he could find help and happily play with him every evening as he assists them complete homework.

For those children, I chose to plead to my online family on their behalf. Please help their father find his way to hospital.

If by sacrificing my today's lunch will make a difference, then I choose to do it. Please help bring back hope and joy to the little ones.

Kindly support BIGGET's treatment through:-

Biggett MPESA1. Paybill



2. Mpesa

MPESA NUMBER - 0715 769 319

(Risper Njoki) - Bigget's wife

You can follow the fundraiser progress via:


Your prayer to this young family is highly needed. They need our Lord's intervention in this challenging moment.

One more request, your friends and my friends would really help making this a successful appeal. Kindly help this appeal reach to them.

Bwana akubariki.

Biggett Risper NjokiAs I was familiarizing with Ronald Bigget's story and family, I noted he has a very supportive wife firmly rooted in the word of God. I got curious and today I asked if she could share her life story.

This is what RISPER BIGGET had to say:

" I am the first born of 6 children. My parents divorced in 1989 and my mum assumed full responsibility after my dad neglected us completely.

My mum was working at University of Nairobi - Upper Kabete Campus at the laboratory in one of the departments. We used to stay at Waithaka and fellowshipped at SOUL WINNING CHURCH under the leadership of Pastor Kangata.

The worst happened in 1989. My mum died and we had no other means of survival other than depending on well-wishers. (My dad also passed on in 2015).

Pastor Kangata would mobilize church members who would support on food items, clothing etc. Another church member would ensure my siblings and I managed to access BETH MUGO bursary kitty. We used to pay 300 shillings then for each of us as school fees.

Mr. Mwaura then Chief technologist at Upper Kabete Campus and who used to work with my mum would partially pay for my school fees until I cleared high school in 1997.

In 1998 I sought employment at UoN to be able to support my siblings. I was taken in as a casual labourer working in the farm. This only lasted for two months.

I went to seek Mr. Mwaura's help who in turn introduced me to Prof. Nancy Karanja who upon learning of my story became our guardian. She was handling a project at Land Resource Management and Technology (LARMAT) Dept.

Prof Karanja hired me to be cleaning laboratory items. She then took my younger sisters (4th and 5th born) to St. Martin's Kibagare school- Kangemi. My job could fetch me 5K per month. To me this was manna from heaven.

My two brothers and my last born girl were under my care. The boys could not be taken in at St. Martin's because they had passed admission age bracket. Our last born sister was too young to be admitted as well.

One of my brothers got seriously affected by my mum's death, and the challenges we were going through. He got hooked into drugs. By the grace of God he has now reformed under the rehabilitation program spearheaded recently by Muranga Governor Mwangi Wairia. He's now taking care of a piece of land allocated by my grandfather in Muranga.

In 2000, Prof Karanja urged me to enroll for a certificate course. I joined Kenya Polytechnic under her sponsorship and completed successfully. She again urged me on for a Diploma course which I cleared in 2005. She ensured all my school fees was cleared.

God worked in my favour. A vacancy arose in 2005, I applied and was employed as an Assistant Technologist at Plant Science and Crop Protection Department.

Ten years later I was promoted to a full technologist.

In 2012 I joined Chiromo Campus for a 4 year BSc in Analytical Chemistry. This was through Online Distance Learning (ODL) program and self-sponsored. I was to clear and graduate in 2016 but my husband fell ill. He was by then admitted at Aga Khan Hospital.

I trust God to graduate this year.

Ronald and I married in 2004. We are blessed with 3 girls, the youngest being 2 years and also have adopted my sister-in-law's daughter who is now in form one.

My husband's ill health is only part of the challenges I've had to go through in life.

I believe God will heal him for me and my children. He has our love and all time commitment. We enjoy his companionship.

I know someone reading this will help me take him to FORTIS HOSPITAL for LYMPHORMA CANCER treatment.

We have been told he has 60% chance of recovery. I believe in 100% because God is on the throne.

I covet your prayers dear friends. It's not easy battling this challenge.

Like today I have had to skip work after he developed complications in the morning. He had difficulty in breathing but now he has stabilized.

If you can support us with finances we'll be more than grateful. Everything else is set. As soon as we rause enough to initiate treatment I'll accompany him for treatment.

Thanks for your support and patience to read my story. It's what life had for me, but better days are ahead.

God bless you."



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